SWM Manu Family Fundraiser

November 12, 2021

Dear Partners of Soul Winning Missions (SWM),

2021 has been a very successful year due to your generous support. We were able to release Brother Noel and his entire family who were trapped in indentured slavery for over 40 years.  Brother Noel is now able to provide for his family and help a few others.

Having said that, we are now scheduling the release of Brother Manu and his family. Christians and other minor religious groups in Pakistan have been enslaved for many years. Due to the high level of discrimination, it is extremely difficult for Christians to find employment in Pakistan. Working in the Brick Kiln becomes the one and only solution for survival.  In addition to the plight, many owners of these brick kilns prey on the plight of the workers and induce them into loans especially in times of emergencies. This is the situation of the Manu family. Three generations are all working to pay for a loan taken by grandparents 40 years ago.

The cost to liberate this family of seven is $3,556.00.

We would also like to raise an additional $350.00 to purchase a cow for Brother Noel. December 2021 would mark one year since Brother Noel and his family were freed from their indentured slavery. They have adjusted to living freely and now he would like to have a cow to sell milk, cheese etc. as a means of supporting his family and others in his church.

Soul Winning Mission 2021 is to purchase freedom for the Manu family and purchase a cow which will cost $3,906.00.

You can make a donation using the DONATE button on our website found at:


Or by check to Dr. Helen Newton

                           351 Fox Ridge Lane

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Or PayPal: Use hdnewton55@gmail.com

All donations are tax-deductible. We thank you in advance for supporting this worthwhile project saving lives!

In His Service,

Evangelist Helen Newton

Evangelist Pastor Jessie White

Missionary Jacqueline Kowalsky

Missionary Kwabena Akuley Anane-Nsiah