Gospel Hills Church was founded in 1996 by Pastor Pervaiz Mehran and three other persons in Narowal and later moved to Sialkot in the state of Punjab in Pakistan. Currently, there are 70 members in the main church located in Hunter Pura area in Sialkot. There are multiple other church sites in Sialkot, summing up to a total of about 400-500 members. Gospel Hills Church has other branches around Pakistan, including branches at Narowal which have a combined membership of about 1500. All these branches are committed to engagement in missionary works to spread the Gospel of the LORD. 

Pastor Pervaiz is married to Shasteen Pervaiz and have two children. The two children, Rebekah Pervaiz and Joseph Pervaiz, as well as their mother, Shasteen, assist Pastor Pervaiz in ministerial works. Joseph for instance directs the church’s Outreach Ministry. Aside the family, there are about 35 pastors across Pakistan who propel the gospel through the Gospel Hills Church. 

Gospel Hills Church is committed to propagating the word of GOD. Aside this, it is also dedicated to improving the social economy of the down-and-out in Pakistan. One key social intervention is the efforts, in collaboration with Soul Winning Mission, to liberate families that have been bonded through accruing of debts into slavery. These families, including adults and children in different generations, work in brick kilns for several years to pay off their debts, which in most cases keep accruing because of the high interest rates on the loans and low income from working in these brick kilns. To support Gospel Hills Church and Soul Winning Mission to liberate these persons from slavery, please click here.

Please see a video of Pakistani families that have been enslaved due to debts below