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Amazon has partnered with non-profits to assist in giving.  By using smile.amazon.com before shopping and choosing a charity (hopefully Soul Winning Missions Association), every time you shop Amazon will donated .05% of the cost.  That is,  Amazon makes a donation to SWM every time you shop using smile.Amazon.com!! For more information please see below:

A little about Amazon Smile…

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A BIG Thank You to the Donors who made the trip to Au Cayes a Success!!!

SWM wants to acknowledge of all those who gave so graciously and worked so hard to make the distribution of 3000 pounds happen!!
A tremendous THANK YOU to all who donated to SWM!!

Stephanie Paulmeno Brenda Jackson Celestine Ellerbee
International Gospel Fellowship of Windsor, CT Chris (My Eye Lab) Kelley (My Eye Lab)
Eric (My Eye Lab) Charlotte Thomas Dr. Julie Mura
Dr. Vanessa Clarke Mandy Addendorf Kathy & Ed King
Alphonse Stuppard Dr. Yves Semeah Gail Galatea
Asmara KaderaRayden RemediosMarcia Puntel
Jacqueline KowalskyPastor Jessie WhiteKwabena Akuley Anane-Nsiah
Dr. Helen NewtonRuby ClaytorMercedeze Dunlap

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.” [PSA41:1]

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Sunday SWM was off to Les Cayes to distribute the donations…

We were packed and in the lobby at 5:00 a.m.  The team mobilized and assembled early Sunday morning leaving with the barrels in tow, two cars filled with people off for a 5 hour drive.  We stopped for food and gas and finally reached au Cayes at  about 11.  We set up and got ready to distribute the donations in a school adjacent to the church. The Church was made known to SWM by Pasteur Reynold St. Cine.  It took us 2 hours to set up the clinic area and pharmacy; the men and children’s area; and the women’s, food, and household items area.  Everything that was donated was distributed!  The clinic estimated seeing over 250 patients.  The need was great but thanks to you, we were able to extend love, compassion, and caring to those who were in need. 3000 lbs of goods in the barrels were shipped and distributed!!! Thank YOU!!

Barrels loaded on bus at Kinam Hotel.

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Barrel of house goods waiting to be unloaded.

Barrel of house goods waiting to be unloaded.

Clothes waiting for space to be displayed

Women's shoes waiting to be chosen.

Women’s shoes waiting to be chosen.

Women's clothes sorted and ready

Women’s clothes sorted and ready

SWM Clinic set up in au Cayes

Children's wares yet to be displayed

Children’s wares yet to be displayed

Men's and children's area

Personal items, like soap, toothpaste, are in tis picture the food is not captured but on a table behind Pasteur Perniel in the back

Personal items, like soap, toothpaste, are in tis picture the food is not captured but on a table behind Pasteur Perniel in the back





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