A BIG Thank You to the Donors who made the trip to Au Cayes a Success!!!

SWM wants to acknowledge of all those who gave so graciously and worked so hard to make the distribution of 3000 pounds happen!!
A tremendous THANK YOU to all who donated to SWM!!

Stephanie Paulmeno  Brenda Jackson  Celestine Ellerbee
International Gospel Fellowship of Windsor, CT  Chris (My Eye Lab)  Kelley (My Eye Lab)
Eric (My Eye Lab)  Charlotte Thomas  Dr. Julie Mura
Dr. Vanessa Clarke  Mandy Addendorf  Kathy & Ed King
Alphonse Stuppard  Dr. Yves Semeah  Gail Galatea
Asmara Kadera Rayden Remedios Marcia Puntel
Jacqueline Kowalsky Pastor Jessie White Kwabena Akuley Anane-Nsiah
Dr. Helen Newton Ruby Claytor Mercedeze Dunlap

“Blessed are those who have regard for the weak; the Lord delivers them in times of trouble.” [PSA41:1]