Pray and Fast for Haiti…

Join Soul Winning Missions, Good Samaritan Foundation of Cite du Soleil, G.E.P.E., and the Pastors of Haiti to Fast and Pray for the peaceful resolution in Haiti. 

Fast and Pray for a peaceful resolution in Haiti

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Feeding Program at Homeless Shelter in Grand Riviere, Haiti


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On July 20, 2019, in Grand Riviere, Haiti Soul Winning Mission Founder ran a feeding program in the homeless shelter. The program was conducted in the name of Madam Adrienne Nostere Charles, mother of Pastor Astral Vincent and his sisters and brothers.  The shelter was dear to Madam Charles, and to honor her the food program was held.  


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SWM 2018 Year in Review….

December 28, 2018
Dear Family and Friends of Soulwinning Missions Association,
This has been the greatest year for SWM ever!! We have had our weekly Bible study every Saturday morning from 8AM to 9:30 AM, where we have been studying the Book of Revelation! The Lord has blessed us with opening our minds and hearts to His Word. In September 2018, we started the Book of Revelation for the second time! What a blessing this Book is as it reveals history of the past, speaks to us about the present and prepares us for the prophetic future!
We have continued to pray every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. What a blessing this has been for our family and friends to be covered by the blood of Jesus through prayer. This is our third year.
We were in Mirebalais, Haiti, February 11-15th for a Conference to Equip the Saints for the Last Days. We were blessed with the opportunity to teach about 150 young evangelists on fire for the Lord, Jesus Christ. In addition, we provided housing, from April 2018 to April 2019, for a displaced pregnant young woman (in Mirebalais) with 3 children.
We participated in a Women’s’ Conference in Cite du Soleil, Haiti in June 20-22, 2018 at the Good Samaritan Church. What a wonderful time with these wonderful women!! One result of the Women’s Conference was starting the Sewing School on the grounds of Good Samaritan Church/Foundation. Seventeen women have been attending school faithfully in the hopes of gaining the skills necessary to take care of themselves and their families.
We were able to provide 100 Old and New Testament Bibles to the Evangelist in Mirebalais and 100 New Testament Bibles to the Women in Cite Soleil. Both the Women’s Conference in Cite du Soleil and the Evangelists in Mirebalais received 10,000 tracts for distribution.

Please don’t forget the Derisma Family which we have provided an educational opportunity to the (now 4) school aged children for the past 3 years. They are doing well and Dieulene still wants to be an airline pilot!
We were able to give clothes to Sofika, a 6 year old girl who was left with her unemployed grandmother who was not able to clothe her. Special blessings to the children in the Foundation which is an orphanage supported by Pastor Vincent and Good Samaritan Church. In addition to the shoes that were provided in June, we also contributed underwear and games for Christmas. Other Christmas gifts given as needed.
We supported the Christmas party sponsored by Good Samaritan Foundation which was a great success and blessing for 500 children of this area which represent some of the poorest children in the Western hemisphere.
So you see, we have been very blessed and able to be a blessing to many. We would like to do so much more. Therefore, we have just finished putting together our first fundraiser for 2019! We will be launching a website featuring Haitian artwork and metalwork by native Haitian artists. Proceeds will be used to build a new orphanage for the children. We look forward and ask for your immediate support.
This message would not be complete without thanking each one of you for your prayers and financial support! We thank you and look forward to doing much more in 2019!
Blessings Abounding,
Helen Newton


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SWM Sponsors Derisma Children in School

2018 is the third year that SWM has sponsored the Derisma children’s education.  At first, there was the eldest daughter, and then the second  child. Last year a third was added, and now finally, all 4 children are registered and attending school.  The baby is waiting to go…

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Amazon Smile

Amazon has partnered with non-profits to assist in giving.  By using smile.amazon.com before shopping and choosing a charity (hopefully Soul Winning Missions Association), every time you shop Amazon will donated .05% of the cost.  That is,  Amazon makes a donation to SWM every time you shop using smile.Amazon.com!! For more information please see below:

A little about Amazon Smile…

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Derisma Children’s Education

For the third year SWM is sponsoring the Derisma children’s education.  First year it was the eldest, followed by the next oldest. The second year three children were enrolled, and now four.

The cost is $500.00 for tuition and school supplies for the 4 of them for one semester.   Shoes and clothing are also needed.  All donations are greatly appreciated and applied 100% to Haiti.  To give please click the Donate button on the home page.  Thank you.

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Good Samaritan Orphanage

Pastor Vincent’s orphanage is comprised of 14 children ranging in ages 5 – 19. When we visited the orphanage in November of 2017 and met the children, my first impression was that they knew and desired love. Have you ever felt the love of a child who has just laid eyes upon you and felt compelled to hug you? What a feeling! Pastor Vincent and his staff have taken good care of the children in his care, but he can use some help! How about supporting one of the children by making a monthly donation? Have you ever thought about adopting a child? All children need food, clothes, and shelter; but what about love, caring, nuturing, and sharing that is found in a family? Adoption is the answer for many!

Below are pictures of the boys in Pastor Vincent’s orphanage.

There are two pictures without introductions and this is their information:
Pipo and Alex are both 2 brothers. They borned in Dominican Republic because their father was Dominican and their mother was Haitian but unfortunately they are died when these innocents boys were too young. After that sadness situation, the boys were living with their grandmother in cite soleil of Haiti  but she can’t taken care of them because she was poor and living an extremely situation and the maire of Cite Soleil was taken them from their grandmother and give them to Pastor Vincent and without that they could be died to day.

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G.E.P.E. Conference Feb.12 -15, 2018

SWM was invited to teach the team of Evangelist named “Groupement Evangelique pour la Propagation de l’Evangile” in Mirebalais, Haiti. The team led by Dr. Helen Newton, touched down in Port au Prince, Haiti on Sunday, Feb. 11 and traveled to Mirebalais. The team members in attendance for this trip was Brother Kwabena Anane-Nsiah, Pastor Paul C., Pastor Jessie White, and Sister Jacquie Kowalsky. Some of the teachings covered were: Revelations 12, Discipleship, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Leaving No Opening for Satan, and Marriage and the Ministry.

Pictures from the conference are below.

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Pastor Vincent’s Christmas Party at Cite du Soleil, Haiti

Pastor Vincent of the Good Samaritan Church and School located at Cite du Soleil in Port au Prince extended the love of Christ by having a Christmas Party for the community. There was food, music and entertainment and it appears a good time was had by all!! SWM partnered with Pastor Vincent for this event.

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Haiti November 17 -19, 2017. Day 2

Day 2 we arose early to meet for prayer at 7 a.m., followed by breakfast, and then prepare for the meeting that was to commence at 10:00 a.m. at the Kinam hotel. The complete video of the meeting can be found on Soul Winning Mission’s Facebook while several videos have been included here to give you an idea of the message delivered. It is always about Him, and Him crucified.




The afternoon brought a heavenly connection! We were meeting with group of warriors for Christ who lead 200! They carried themselves as soldiers, and are serious about taking Haiti for the Lord. Named “Groupement Evangelique pour la Propagation de l’Evangile” which when we heard the name confirmed they were from the Lord. The previous month we had been prophesied to at the new Dawn Community Church wherein the “white bunnies were to be set free to propagate”!! Yes!! We knew in our knower that we were supposed to work with them!!

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