Pakistan: September and October 2022

Prayer Meeting


DOERS of the WORD… Feeding the hungry.





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Pakistan: Prayer Meeting in the Village Aug 18 followed by more flooding

Praising the Most High! Nothing can keep us away from praising the Lord!

Then the water…


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Pakistan August 2022 Sister Rebekah’s birthday!!!

We wished Sister Rebekah a blessed and happy birthday!! She is an intelligent, blessed, beautiful, kind, and gentle spirit.  The Lord has connected SWM and the Pervaiz Family, and we are FAMILY!  We have been meeting with the Pervaiz Family for the past couple of years to discuss the Lord’s Word and ways and have gotten to know them well.  Sister Rebekah has been so helpful in translating the SWM workbook and study guide along with her brother Joseph, who is the weekly translator.  We love the Pervaiz Family.  These are wonderful, blessed, servants of the Most High. 

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Pakistan: Summer of 2022 July

Pastor Pervaiz and his ministry met the torrential monsoon rains Pakistan experienced with compassion, faith, food, and whatever support they could muster.  The monsoon rains are devastating and left many suffering from many diseases including malaria, dengue fever, diarrhea, and many other medical afflictions as a result of the flooding.  Malnutrition finds the weakest in society, the children, and then the parents have to watch their children slowly wither away.  The country is unprepared and paralyzed by the unrelenting floods.  But Pastor Pervaiz, his faithful son, Joseph, and their ministry went out to meet those affected and bring food.  They are examples of putting the gospel to work!  We pray, we believe,  and then we become doers of the Word! 

Please help by contributing to our Pakistan ministry – every dollar goes directly to help those in need. 

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Kids Festival in Pakistan July 2021

Pastor Pervaiz’s ministry held a Kids Festival the last weekend in July bringing the children together for a day of fun!  The children sang songs, learned about the Holy Scriptures, colored, played, and ate! What a day!

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