Feb 4, 2017 Crusade Planning Meeting at the Kinam Hotel

We had over 30 guests attend the planning meeting at the Kinam Hotel.  Most are repeat participants dedicated to the vision of the tipping the scales in favor of our Lord Jesus Christ through spreading the gospel.  Dr. Evangelist Helen Newton led the meeting with a powerful message about “The Kingdom”, who we are in the Kingdom, and changing the paradigm.  We can not allow worldly behavior to infiltrate and destroy the righteousness in the Church.  Her message was powerful and ushered in the work and diligence needed in planning the crusade.  Portions of Dr. Newton’s message was broadcasted live on Facebook on the soulwinningmission.com page. Portions will be uploaded on this website. 

We had Evangelist Claretha Dessuaso (Intercessory Prayer Lead in US) from South Carolina and Super Sister Matty D. from Central Florida University Skype in!!  Pastor Jessie White from Connecticut was leading the Follow-up (Discipleship) ministry along with Sister Jacqueline Kowalsky were present during the meeting.

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Feb 3, 2017 St. Marc, Haiti

We had a long day, up at 2 a.m., airport in Fort Lauderdale at 4:30 a.m., plane departed at 630 in Port au Prince at 8.  We navigated safely through the airport and to the Avis car rental place and sat patiently while the car rental agreement was completed.  We were off to St. Marc to negotiate the release of barrels that hadn’t reached its proper destination.  We drove for an hour and a half to two hours with Pasteur St. Cine at the helm, getting us safely to the port.  Spending hours going around in the square from this place to the next and back it was time to make it back to Petion-ville understanding the work hadn’t been completed and a return trip was needed.  

We were able to dine and check into the hotel after 9:00 p.m.  It had been a long day and we were glad to retire.  Saturday was the meeting with the pastors and it would be a long, busy, and productive day. 

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