A group of Soul Winning Mission members will be traveling to Port Au Prince, Haiti on Thursday, November 10, 2016.  Leaving early Thursday morning, they will locate the barrels that have been shipped ahead and confirm the plans for there transport to Au Cayes early Sunday morning.  Friday morning will be used to prepare for meeting the 30 pastors from the previous trip. The meeting will concentrate on retaining the new members once the harvest is brought forth during the Gospel crusade in 2017.  Discipleship and Intercessory Prayer are key!!  Saturday will be an all day meeting, praying, and training with the Pastors.  Sunday the missionaries are off to Au Cayes to distribute the food, clothes, medicine, and eyewear that have been donated by so many.  They will stay in Au Cayes overnight and take the 4-5 hour trip back to Port Au Prince for their flight back to Florida.