Remember New Dial in Number for Intercessory Prayer and Bible Study…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As believers in Christ, in the new millenium, we are choosing to take advantage of technology and use a different format for the Bible Study session.  We will be using the online meeting function, which will allow for sharing the screen, video access, and telephone.  However, for a better quality sound (higher fidelity), it is better to call from your phone, instead of using voip (voice over internet protocol used to talk via the computer).  
The new format will offer Dr. Helen the opportunity to share the desktop of her computer and in doing so, she will be able to share information that will lead to a deeper understanding of some of the scriptures read this past week and going forward.  What is required of you? 
PC/Desktop users:
The Best Practice is to dial in on your phone using the dial in number listed below.  
The next step is to access your desktop, open your email on the desktop.
Locate the email with the link and click the Online Meeting Link
Smartphone/ iPad users:
You may access the online meeting using your smartphone.  When you click the online meeting link from the email application on your smartphone, you will be prompted to download the FreeConferenceCall app onto your phone.   Download the app, and then open the app. Once the app opens, it will load the online meeting. This takes about 4 mins.  You will have to do this once. 
        1.   Dial into the conference:
              Dial-in Number: (641) 552-9354 – United States
              Access Code: 935782 #
        2. Join the online meeting FOR BIBLE STUDY AS NEEDED:
            Online Meeting Link: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/hdnewton55
            Online Meeting ID: hdnewton55
        At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the Access          Code followed by the pound key (#).
        To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above and follow the prompts to join the meeting.
PLEASE REMEMBER IF YOU HAVE A CAMERA should the video come on, be camera ready (and friendly*;) winking)!!  

Thank you so much and may the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob continue to bless you and your family!
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SWM Director of Fundraising and the Raffle Drawing

Saints please pray for Brother John Everhart, our new Director of Fundraising, who was flown to a Tampa hospital yesterday after suffering a stroke.  He has been and still is in the ICU.  Please lift Brother John up in prayer requesting a full and speedy recovery.

Secondly, some of our members who live in the northeast have been effected by the snow storm and have not been able to send their stubs for the raffle on time.  It has been decided, to be fair to all who purchased raffles wanting to participate, that the raffle drawing will be held on Saturday, March 25, 2017 after the Bible Study instead of March 18th.

Thank you and may God, our Father, continue to bless you and your families.

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